• Boardwalk® Commode Mat 2.0 Rubber, 22 7/8 x 22, Gray/White, 6/Carton

Boardwalk® Commode Mat 2.0 Rubber, 22 7/8 x 22, Gray/White, 6/Carton Mats-Bath - Office Ready

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    Disposable floor mat for placement at men's room commodes.

    Unique and trendy design provides an upscale look to catch and neutralize urine splatters. It's perfect for unisex bathrooms and men's rooms without urinals. It absorbs and neutralizes twice as much urine as other mats, and has a non-slip tacky bottom layer that seals the urine in and protects floors. Every mat is embedded with NeutraTech™, a mold inhibitor and specially designed odor counteractant for urine. Mat Type: Commode Mat; Application: Restroom Floor Mat; Width: 22 7/8"; Length: 22".

  • Prevents damage and costly floor repairs caused by discoloration and uric acid etching.
  • Lasts two times longer and absorbs two to four times more urine than other mats.
  • Indicator system reminds you when to change it for timely maintenance without waste.
  • Reduces odors with NeutraTech™, a mold inhibitor and odor counteractant specifically designed for urine.
  • New upscale design accommodates a wide range of office and restroom decors, while protecting the floor.
  • Protects from slip and falls with non-slip bottom that keeps floors drier and prevents cross contamination of urine from the restroom area.
  • Item Number: BWKCMGW
  • Shipping Dimensions | Width: 21 in. Height: 2 in. Length: 18.5 in. Weight: 10 lbs.

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