• Medical Style Infrared Thermometer with Forehead and Ear Mode

Medical Style Infrared Thermometer with Forehead and Ear Mode  - Office Ready

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    Product Description

    Product features:

    Magnetic probe cover

    Automatic mode switch between forehead & ear mode

    With large LCD screen, show current and previous readings.


    Adult forehead mode, child forehead mode, ear mode and object mode.


    Strict inspection standard, control the accuracy within ±0.15℃ in blackbody mode, with thousands of clinical trials.


    Each unit will run environmental test between 15℃to 35℃.

    Technical Driven

    Patented technology based on “Big Data” and “Least Square Method” to achieve child and adult temperature mode.

    Rapid 1 second temperature reading with unfailing accuracy and consistency delivered by improved, clinically-tested, highly sensitive infrared scanner

    Store up to 40 temperature readings

    Audio and visual fever warning

    With mute function

    With stylish protective pouch

    4 color backlight temperature indication

    Celsius and Fahrenheit switchable

    Thermometer shuts off automatically to preserve life of battery.

    Low battery indicator, warns user to replace battery.


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