• Sani-Hands Instant Sanitizing Hand Wipes 70% Alcohol 300/can, 6/CT

Sani-Hands Instant Sanitizing Hand Wipes 70% Alcohol 300/can, 6/CT Towels & Wipes-Cleaner/Detergent Wet Wipe - Office Ready

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    Promote hand hygiene compliance in your facility with Sani Professional Hands Instant Sanitizing Wipes. Ensure staff compliance by making sure hands are kept clean and sanitary throughout the day to avoid cross-contamination.

    More effective than gels

    Studies prove that hand wipes are more effective than gels at removing dirt and bacteria from hands!*

    Kills bacteria fast!

    Sani Professional hand wipes are effective against 99.99% of bacteria on hands in 15 seconds. They kill many of the most common foodborne pathogens and bacteria including E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.*

    Easily accessible

    Wipes come in portable canisters or can be housed permanently in a variety of wall brackets or floor stands that can be placed around your facility to promote good hand hygiene. Wipes also come in individual packets for use on-the-go, or to provide to your guests.


    • #1 hand wipe in healthcare
    • 70% Alcohol (Ethanol by volume)
    • NSF certified and 2013 FDA Food Code compliant
    • Use for extra hand hygiene protection or when soap and water are not readily available
    • Proven 99.99% effective in 15 seconds against top foodborne pathogens.*
    • Gentle on hands: contains moisturizing, healing natural aloe and Vitamin E

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