Adjustable Desks and Workspaces

basyx by HON Desktop Risen with Keyboard Tray

Not so basic. Designed as an add-on, this two-tier desktop provides a generous amount of workspace and features a keyboard tray on the lower level. Place it on your current desk or table to give you more freedom and control over how you work. A dual-lever mechanism allows you to easily adjust the height by lifting or lowering it. This makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing and helps you maintain proper posture. Available in black or white, this desktop is built from high-strength materials, making it strong and dependable.

Alera AdaptivErgo Sit-Stand Lifting Workstation

Change things up with this sit-stand lifting workstation, designed to adjust and tailor to your preferences. Levers positioned on each side allow you to lift or lower the desk effortlessly, up to 14 inches in either direction. A double-level work surface holds a keyboard and mouse on the lower platform and a monitor on the upper platform. This workstation is compatible with most monitors and it is specifically intended to be used with Alera Monitor Arms. Space is important. By design, this workstation saves space, remaining within your desk dimensions and lifts vertically, adjusting for you, without compromising any room. A reinforced base provides added support for any height. Once the workstation is adjusted to your preference, it stays secured in place. Cables can be placed neatly behind workstation.

BALT Up-Rite Desk Mounted Sit-Stand Workstation

Practice proper upright posture with a BALT Up-Rite desk. This workstation mount is simple to connect to your current desk, providing adjustable height of up to eighteen inches. BALT integrated practicality and convenience by featuring a two-level surface, giving you space for a keyboard and mouse on the lower level. This desk also includes a monitor attachment that is VESA compliant. By giving you the option to change between sitting or standing, this desk mount encourages more movement throughout your work day, helping you work better overall.

Alera AdaptivErgo Two-Stage Electric Height-Adjustable Table Base

Adaptive indeed. This electric, height-adjustable table base, uses two-stage telescoping to extend and contract. Based on preferences or needs, the user can adjust the height using simple, standard up and down controls. The controls prompt two motors to lift or lower the table base within a 19-inch range at a speed of 0.8 inches per second, depending on weight—and, it can lift up to 250 pounds. Alera made it simple. This table base is easy to assemble and breakdown with fold-out legs and adjustable leveling glides are included to compensate for uneven surfaces. Cable management channels are built-in to help keep your workspace neat and tidy.

Height-Adjustable Electric Base

Take your table to new heights with this three-stage, height-adjustable electric base. Two motors are controlled using a four-programmable switch, allowing the user to effortlessly raise or lower the height between 25 and 50 inches. This makes it easy to alternate between sitting and standing. Safety-stops are also included, making the base shut off when there is too much resistance. This electric base features a high-strength, double channel frame with a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Height Adjustable Electric Base - IN520SG


$ 569.00 / $ 945.00