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Wellness Screens and PPE

Are you looking to maintain 6 feet of social distancing? Wellness screens can help. These acrylic screens often called sneeze guards are a great way to protect you and those around you. These screens are perfect for those who see or interact with people on a daily basis. With a built-in cutout to allow documents to pass through, you don't have to worry about your workflow being hindered. Freestanding feet...
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A Healthy Office Workspace

Protect yourself and your entire office from bacteria, fungi and viral threats alike with the latest in office cleaning supplies. With scares of the new coronavirus, virulent influenza, and bacterial antibiotic resistance out in your day-to-day life, office cleanliness is more important now than ever. To combat these modern threats are your favorite top-quality cleaning products at all time low-cost prices. Here are just a few highlighted products that demonstrate...
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