Top Office Products from Alera Details - Alera Elusion, Alera Etros and More

Whether you spend nearly every hour of your work day in your chair or a mere few minutes waiting for an appointment, you care about comfort. Make sure your chair cares for you. Alera checks all the boxes when it comes to office furniture. Alera is devoted to providing superior user-friendly, comfortable furniture for the utmost efficiency and durability as well as accounting for aesthetics, all while being cost-effective. With a wide variety of Alera chairs to choose from depending on your comfort and style needs, Office Ready has you supported. We've taken the time to compare Alera chairs, Alera shelving and some additional accessories so that you can make a more informed selection.

Alera Elusion

You are multifunctional, and fortunately Alera’s chairs are, too. Office Ready features Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction and Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction chairs, both available in black. This multifunctional design allows for easy adjustment to your liking. Move the seat forward or back, modify the back angle or adjust the tilt until you are comfortable. The mid-back option also provides added lower back support with a height adjustable ratchet back. Office Ready also offers Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt chair either in black or black and white. This chair is designed to accommodate a variety of users. All three of these models include a mesh back to allow for better airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable. They also have curved seat cushions with a sloped edge to minimize pressure on legs. These Alera Elusion series chairs feature cushioned polyurethane arm pads, too, that are height and width adjustable. And, five-star bases with casters allow for easy maneuvering.

Alera Etros

If you thought back comfort was exclusive to the Alera Elusion series, think again and take a look at the Alera Etros Series. Office Ready carries the Alera Etros Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair, which features a mesh back and a soft mesh fabric seat. This chair is also adjustable to support the lower back and has a five-star base with casters, making it easy to move. Looking for a better fit? Office Ready also offers Alera Etros Series Petite Multifunction Chair for additional individual customization and the perfect fit for users of various sizes. This chair has a similar mesh design, a five-star base, and it is adjustable for optimum lower back support. As a bonus, its useful design includes a three-lever multifunction mechanism, allowing you to choose the angle of the seat as well as the back angle in relation to the seat. The height of the chair can also be adjusted and the seat can move forward or back, according to your preference. Alera did not forget about the arms. This chair includes padded polyurethane armrests that are height and width adjustable for the most comfortable position. Who knew a chair could have so much to offer?

Alera Neratoli

If modern is more your taste, Alera made just the right chair for you, and Office Ready has it. The Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Slim Profile chair offers a more slender design that is comfortably cushioned throughout. It features a sloped seat to ease pressure and maintain circulation of the legs, along with a swivel/tilt design and a five-star base with casters, for easy maneuvering and adjustments. Looking for more variety? Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Slim Profile is available in black leather, camel soft leather, red soft leather or white faux leather, all with a chrome frame. Or, take your chair to greater heights with the Alera Neratoli High-Back Slim Profile chair, available in black leather, camel soft leather, red soft leather or white faux leather.

Alera Reception Lounge WL Series, Alera Ispara Series and Alera Genaro Series

Style, comfort and practicality should not be the exception, it should be the expectation. Office Ready carries various Alera series designed with this in mind. While some office chairs offer versatility and customization for individuals, these chairs allow for customization of the office environment, arranged according to your office’s unique aesthetic. Alera offers choices for arranging all types of offices, such as reception, conference, lobby or waiting rooms, depending on your office needs such as Alera Genero Series Half-Back Sled Base Guest Chair, available in black vinyl and black fabric. The strong steel sled base and vinyl upholstery helps preserve the chair despite frequent use, while also being cushioned for comfort and support. Alternatively, the black fabric option provides a breathable, flexible seat. A simple, contoured design makes this chair pair well with any office setting. Or, go for a different look with Alera Reception Lounge WL Series Guest Chair, available in mahogany, cherry, and espresso with black leather and a solid wood frame, as well as bench and loveseat options. This chair also has leveling glides to make up for uneven floors.

Conversely, pair the Alera Ispara Series Armless Chair with footrests, side tables or coffee tables. The black leather upholstery with a silver steel frame keeps the chair in good shape and adds a sleek, modern look to a welcoming and inviting arrangement.

Alera Shelving

Food is not the only thing with a shelf life; your office has one, too. Whether your office shelving is lacking or simply needs some tidying up, Alera has something for you. The efficiency, durability and easy customization associated with Alera’s other products applies to their shelving as well.

Work environments vary. Make sure your shelving can adapt. The Alera Wire-Shelving Three-Tier Rolling Cart can. Available in black anthracite, this cart features two wire shelves and one wire basket along with four poles with one pull handle. It also has four casters, two that lock, making it easy to move and easy to keep in place. Alera made this cart strong and sturdy, built with welded wire, and simple to construct with easy attachments. Designed for either business or industrial purposes, it holds up well in various conditions. The exposed design allows for continuous airflow and helps minimize the accumulation of dust and the varnish on the surface of the cart helps inhibit deterioration in places of high humidity. For use indoors or outdoors, it includes safeguards for dry or wet environments and it is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, making it perfect for restaurant or other food service settings.

When there is a good thing, why not make more variations? Alera did. Made specifically for business purposes, Alera Commercial Medium-Duty Wire Shelving Starter Kit has many of the same favorable features as the Alera Wire-Shelving Three-Tier Rolling Cart. It is easy to construct by affixing together. It also has an exposed design for continuous airflow, a varnish, and safeguards to make it efficient in different environments with varying temperatures and conditions. What sets it apart? Available in black anthracite, it has two locking casters, making it easy to move, but they are also removable to compensate for more weight. With casters removed, each shelf can hold a maximum of six hundred pounds.

If you are looking for something similar but need to kick it up a notch to better suit your shelving needs, check out Alera Industrial Heavy-Duty Wire Shelving Starter Kit. Available in black or silver, this strong shelving unit is also designed for business or industrial purposes and it has the same design and structure qualities as the Alera Commercial Medium-Duty Wire Shelving Starter Kit. And, it is built with strong welded wire, too, enabling each shelf to hold a maximum of one thousand pounds. It is also adjustable in one inch increments for easy customization. And, like the Alera Wire Shelving Three-Tier Rolling Cart, it is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, specifically for dry settings.

Want to keep things rolling? Alera Rolling Filing Cart makes it easy. Available in black and in two different dimensions, this filing cart is sure to keep your office organized and accessible. With four, two inch hooded casters, this cart easily moves where you want it, and if you want it to stay put, its two locking casters keeps it in place. Have a lot to carry? The lower shelf of the cart can hold a maximum of one hundred and fifty pounds. If you like the adjustability of Alera’s other products, you will be happy to know that the filing cart’s lower shelf is adjustable in one inch increments, too. Alera made sure to keep things simple and made this cart easy to construct, no tools necessary.

Alera Accessories

Alera knows that accessories are a must. Office Ready makes them accessible, carrying Alera Wire Shelving Stackable Posts. Available in silver or black to match your shelf, these stackable posts make great additions to existing shelves or they can be used to build custom shelving units to your desired size when used along with Alera’s Extra Shelves and Shelf Connecting Hooks. These stackable posts consist of four, thirty-six inch posts which can be connected to more posts to create the perfect height. Slightly slanted floor? No problem. Alera Wire Shelving Stackable Posts contain levelers to compensate for uneven surfaces.

You have a big to-do list already. Cleaning should not distract from other, more important tasks. Fortunately, Alera made it easy by offering Alera Wire Shelving Shelf Liners. These pliable, clear liners are designed to be used over equally sized wire shelves and they are perfect for storing small items. Available in a pack of four, simply place them over your shelves to keep them in tip-top shape.

Alera gives you options. Move your wire shelving from one place to another with Alera Optional Casters For Wire Shelving. With a fastener, the casters are simple to attach and bumpers are included to prevent shelving units from hitting walls. While casters make moving easy, it should be noted that they might minimize the amount of weight the shelves can hold.

Get a grip. Office Ready offers the Universal Studded Chair Mat. This transparent, vinyl chair mat is studded to keep the mat in place, guarding against spills and general wear and tear from foot traffic and frequent rolling of casters, preserving your office floors. This studded chair mat keeps things rolling smoothly. The surface allows chairs to easily roll, making it easy to maneuver, and the sloped edge creates a gradual shift from the mat to the carpet. Additionally, Universal made this studded chair mat free of orthophthalate and cadmium, ensuring the well-being of your office while also maintaining quality.

Office Ready understands what it takes to build and maintain an office setting. While offering an array of office furniture and supplies to choose from, Office Ready also focuses on quality as much as quantity. And, with Alera, you get both. Choose from a variety of chair styles and features to find a comfortable fit, or get just the right storage or shelving you need to carry all the weight for you. After all, our job is to make yours easier.


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