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Keurig Brewing Systems: K130, K140, K150, K150P, K3000SE

Stop using a traditional coffee maker; Keurig commercial brewers are built to keep your business going. However big or small, we have the brewer and K-Cups for you. Office Ready is a Keurig Authorized Distributor and we're ready to stand behind your brewer as your single point of contact. No more dealing with manufacturers who don’t know your needs. Whether you're looking for a new brewer, an interesting gourmet beverage or need warranty support, we are your Keurig assistant. 


Keurig brewers are a green alternative to traditional carafe brewers, reducing the amount of electricity it takes to keep a pot hot. Many Keurig brewers come with auto off switches, so that there is no waste in keeping the Keurig ready to go either. Keurig brewing systems also offer you more choice than carafe brewers. You can pick your favorite coffee, tea or specialty beverage in each cup. If you're wondering about timing: Keurig brewing systems are fast. Your cup of coffee or tea is ready in as little as 40 seconds. You can’t get that kind of speed from a drip coffee maker.


If you are concerned by the potential waste that this creates for each K-Cup used, you should know that you can now recycle some K-Cups! Recycling K-Cups is as easy as separating the inside components from the plastic exterior. This currently is only possible with the Breakfast Blend K-Cups, but it is Keurig’s goal to be completely recyclable by 2020. We will add each recyclable K-Cup option as they become available. We also carry Thermal Carafes compatible with the Keurig Bolt system for those who want an additional green alternative that limits not only the electricity used, but also cuts down on the work of recycling K-Cups. The Carafes we offer hold up to 64 oz of coffee each.


We can help you pick your new brewing system. We carry all Keurig commercial brewers from hospitality brewers to large business units. Last October, we compared the different features of our commercial brewers, but we'll briefly go over a few things here. Our brewers can be divided into two categories, plumbed and non-plumbed units. Just as the category suggests, both of the plumbed units, the K150P and K3000SE, must be connected to a water line. The K3000SE comes with an auto-eject empty bin which can store about 35 K-Cups before needing to be emptied. We also carry shelves that can hold K-Cup packs and match the style of the K3000SE. Our brewers that do not require plumbing are the K140, K150, K155, and K130. The K130 is the smallest of the group, and can be perfect in the hospitality role. Whether it be a hotel or airbnb, this compact, recognizable model will have your guests feeling right at home. If you are searching for a more robust solution, we have added the K140 to our product catalog. The K140 is a perfect small office or home model, and the auto-off feature will power off the brewer after 2 hours of non-use to prevent electricity waste. The K150 has 5 brewing sizes, which is a step up from the 3 that the K140 offers. The K150 is the non-plumbed version of the K150P, but it can be converted with a direct plumb kit. Each of these brewers allows you to remove the drip tray at the bottom to use with a travel mug so you can be easily read with an on-the-go cup. You can also contact us at the bottom of the page and we can discuss the advantages of a Keurig Bolt carafe system.


We carry multiple K-Cup organizers from Safco and Green Mountain, and some like this 5 compartment drawer organizer which has special compartments to hold sweeteners and stir sticks as well. Our Green Mountain K-Cup organizers come in two sizes, holding 4 cartons or 8 cartons of K-Cups. We also carry hot drink cups for settings when reusable mugs may not be ideal.


Should you ever have an issue with your brewer, they are all covered by a 1 year warranty. No dealing with the manufacturer, because as an Authorized Keurig Distributor, we are your single point of contact. We can help you troubleshoot, process a claim, or suggest maintenance options for continued reliability.


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