• Keurig K3500 Large Business Coffee Maker

Keurig K3500 Large Business Coffee Maker Keurig Brewers - Office Ready

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    The all-new Keurig K3500 Large Business coffee maker is purpose-built for your breakroom. It features two internal hot water tanks for unlimited back-to-back brewing, automatic K-cup ejection, 5 brew sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz.), a strong brew option for a more intense cup, a high-resolution color touchscreen and it is fully serviceable.  The K3500 is direct-plumbed and has a screen saver for reduced energy usage when not in use. It is commercial grade and NSF-4 certified.

    • Twin hot water tanks for back-to-back brewing
    • Automatic K-cup ejection
    • Strong brew option
    • 5 brew sizes
    • UL Listed
    • NSF-4 certified

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