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Our name says it all. At Office Ready, we understand what it means to be “office ready”, which is why we carry products from some of the leading office furniture manufacturers, like HON. Our job is to find high quality products, while also offering a variety of choices, to keep your job operating smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you are looking for office chairs, desks, bookcases or filing drawers, HON has something for you. HON goes above and beyond to make superior products that are designed to work with you.

HON knows that furniture should be comfortable. But in an office, it should not stop there. Office furniture should help you get the most out of your work by being adaptable and simple to use, all while fitting your budget and maintaining your office’s professional appearance. HON achieves all of this, giving you the best value.

HON Ignition Chairs

Be our guest. Office Ready offers HON Ignition Series Mesh Back Guest Chair with a Sled Base available in poppy fabric upholstery, with exceptional stain protection. These guest arm chairs have a mesh back for continuous air circulation, keeping you cool, and a polyester covered seat atop a strong sled base, keeping you comfortable and well-supported. These chairs pair well in various office settings and styles and they are simple to construct; no tools necessary.

Complete the task with HON Ignition Task Chairs. These chairs are also designed with polyester fabric and stain-fighting cushions to keep you comfortable and your chair looking nice. Constructed from reinforced, strong resin, this chair has a solid, five-star base, allowing for easy maneuverability. A simple and classic form creates a nice accent to all modern office settings. And, like other HON chairs, Ignition Task chairs are designed to accommodate a wide range of body types. Move the seat forward or back or up or down to tailor it to your stature and leg length. The height and width of the armrests can also be changed for increased arm stability. This chair puts you in control with tilt tension controls. This feature allows you to choose the rate of recline as well as side tension and seat depth. HON Ignition Task chairs are available with either synchro-tilt or center-tilt mechanisms, as well as a mesh back option.

The HON Ignition Task Stool offers many of the same favorable qualities as the Ignition Task Chairs, giving you the same comfort and adjustability, plus an added footring to give you even more control and stability. 

Don't see the Ignition chair in the color you are looking for? We have the ability to special order a wide variety of color options. Feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and we can work with you to find that just right fabric option.

HON Volt Chairs

Assign a Task. HON Volt Task chairs offer a modern, refined look, designed to pair with all types of office settings, without sacrificing comfort and support. With enclosed seat material constructed from recycled wood compounds, and a five-star base crafted from a strong resin, this chair has more than what meets the eye. Volt Task chairs are carefully sized and structured. The upholstered seat and back are curved for versatility and comfort for all users. Additionally, the chair height, tilt and recline can be adjusted to tailor to different body types and statures or individual preferences. Give it a rest. Even armrests can be adjusted for better upper body and shoulder support.

Backs get all the adjustments, but what about your feet? HON Volt Series Task Stools have many of the same favorable qualities as the other Task chairs, but also feature a footring that can be moved up or down to your liking, and then locked in place. This added footring is perfect for accommodating different statures, while also improving comfort and stability. 

You have several tasks. So does HON. HON Volt Task chairs and stools are available in a variety of features and color combinations, giving you options. These include center-tilt and synchro-tilt mechanisms. The synchro-tilt reclines the back at a higher proportion than the seat for better back positioning, while the center-tilt pivots the seat from a point in the middle of the chair to recline. Color and fabric choices include, black SofThread leather, black fabric, navy fabric and crimson fabric, along with a mesh fabric option.

HON Metro Desks

You are a class act. And now, your desk can be, too. Office Ready carries several versions of the HON Metro Classic Series Desk. The single pedestal desk includes box and center drawers, as well as a file drawer with triple-tied cradles making it stronger and well-supported for complete drawer extension. And, file drawers are space-adjustable with a spring-loaded follower block, to eliminate file gaps as you add or remove documents.

Like a more secluded work area? This single pedestal desk also includes modesty panels on the front for an enclosed feel. Your desk should not be an added stress. HON helps you avoid unnecessary hassles by including cable management grommets for simple installment. And, while this desk is designed to be practical, HON never forgets about appearance. This desk is available in mahogany/charcoal, mocha/black, harvest/putty and gray patterned/charcoal and features drawers, handles, legs and panels that accent your color of choice. Topped with a laminated coating to protect it against scratches and stains; this desk is aesthetically pleasing and built to last.

If it is good, why not have double? Office Ready also offers HON Metro Classic Series Double Pedestal Desk with the same preferred features as the single pedestal desk, plus a little more. This desk is structured with a steel frame for added strength and includes box, file and center drawers on both sides. This double pedestal desk is available in mahogany/charcoal and mocha/black.

HON Brigade Storage

HON Brigade Metal Bookcases

Feeling overbooked? HON Brigade Metal Bookcases can help. Available in multiple dimensions and two to six adjustable shelf options, these bookcases are highly customizable to fit your organization, storage and spacing needs. Straight sides and backs create a left to right arrangement, to perfectly line up books. Choose from black, putty, charcoal, and light gray.

HON Brigade Lateral Files

Get lined up. Office Ready carries a wide selection of HON Brigade Lateral Files from their 600, 700 and 800 Series, suitable for letter and legal size filing. These files are available in a variety of dimensions, with one to five drawer options and multiple color choices, including black, charcoal, light gray and putty. These steel lateral files are sturdy, counterbalanced and adjustable. File drawers are built to share weight among three metal tracks to strengthen and better support drawers for seamless movement. And, the files are designed to allow multiple drawers to open at a time without tilting. Slanted floor? HON has that covered. Brigade Lateral Files are equipped with leveling glides to counteract slanted floors.

HON Brigade Pedestals

Do not stall. Keep work going with HON Brigade Pedestals, available in black, charcoal, light gray and putty. These standard height, movable pedestals have radius pulls and colors intended to match HON Brigade 800 Series Lateral Files. HON makes it easier for you. These pedestals are strong, sturdy and counterbalanced to prevent tipping, specifically when opening multiple drawers at a time. They also have fastened front casters with rolling rear casters, so it stays put or moves where you want it. Brigade pedestals feature tall sides with a front-to-back filing order, appropriate for letter size filing, keeping your documents in a tidy arrangement. Like the lateral files, these pedestals also include tracks to evenly distribute weight, for stronger, well-supported drawers and better operation. These pedestals can be placed below worksurfaces that are at least twenty nine and a half inches high.

You need to know where your documents are and you also need to know that they are secure. HON filing drawers and pedestals include either a universal-lock or HON “One Key” locks to ensure your important documents are protected.

Basyx Best Sellers

It is all about the basyx. That is why basyx by HON offers a wide selection of well-made chairs at affordable prices. No matter what type of chair you are looking for, basyx by HON has something for you. Need extra chairs but crammed for space? Try the basyx Stacking Guest Chair. These chairs can stack a maximum of four high to make better use of space. The guest chair features a SofThread leather upholstered seat and back. These chairs are built for convenience; they are easy to stow and there when you need them.

Or, make an executive decision with basyx by HON Executive High-Back chairs. This line offers many choices of chairs with similar qualities, but differing features and appearances. With a cushioned seat and back, Executive High-Back chairs are made to be highly comfortable and supportive, while maintaining a modern, sophisticated appearance. Choose from a variety of Executive chairs from the basyx line in vinyl, leather, or SofThread leather to best suit your work objective.

Basyx by HON also makes a series of Mesh High-Back and Mid-Back options, with continuous air circulation to keep you comfortable. These chairs offer a smooth, professional design combined with versatility. Choose from either synchro-tilt or center-tilt options, as well as other adjustable features to fit your preferences.

Office Ready understands that standards are important. Office furniture is a fundamental part of what keeps your work going and your office operating smoothly. It should work along with you, on your terms. Choose from a variety of chairs that cater to your preferences, or keep your documents organized, secure and easily accessible with files, desks or pedestals. Whatever your office needs, HON makes it, Office Ready supplies it.


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