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Creating an ergonomic seating solution is not as easy as it sounds. Eurotech has painstakingly labored over the details of what makes for ergonomic innovation, and incorporates that into each seating option that they provide. Each chair is a combination of engineering and design, all with you in mind. From adjustment capabilities, to different material options, Eurotech makes it obvious that they are building chairs that aim to be the most comfortable you’ve ever used. Our goal at Office Ready is to bring these options to you, and at a fraction of the list price. We offer all of our Eurotech chairs at 50% off list price, and with free shipping.


Under OSHA, muscle strains and low back injuries are considered Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSDs. MSDs are a large group, and in many cases can include the pain, swelling and numbness caused by overexertion or repetitive motions, even those that simply occur under poor posture. In 2013, MSDs accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Implementing good ergonomic practices is an important step in limiting the frequency of MSDs. A challenge in defining ergonomic practices that fit all employees is the vast differences between the physiques and human factors of workers. Eurotech seating options can help address this. With various features such as adaptable lumbar supports and seamless tilt options, Eurotech attacks the unnecessary strains that daily work can leave on an individual.


A highly adaptive seat, the iOO is an excellent all around seating option. A key feature of the iOO is the 3D dynamic lumbar support. Where other seating options are counting on a third party lumbar support backrest, the iOO takes a more direct approach. The lumbar support uses a sleek plastic reinforced mesh back support to comfortably shape to any back. The lumbar support isn’t the only advantage of the iOO, as customization is a key advantage over other seating solutions. Seat adjustments can be done with a single lever control mechanism. The 8 way adjustable arms allow the iOO to fit most people comfortably. And the iOO can do all of this without sacrificing on style. Available in white and black finishes and sleek ergonomic structure, the iOO is a combination of top level craftsmanship and design.


We have several options at the top line of style and comfort in the Ergohuman and Ergo Elite product lines. As the names suggest, the Ergo models are finely tunable ergonomic masterpieces. Raise or lower the back height and adjust the back angle to adjust the lumbar and back support. The waterfall seat slopes at the front in order to reduce pressure on the back of the knees. A synchro-tilt mechanism with infinite lock, a sliding seat and pneumatic height adjustment are par for the course on each of our Ergohuman and Ergo Elite chairs. The high back options include a headrest as well. Each adjustment option gives the user the ability to fit the chair to their own unique ergonomic design. The Ergohuman high back chair comes in black, green, grey, orange and blue mesh options. It also comes in a black leather option and all Ergo models rest on an aluminum frame with a chrome finish, providing a light but durable base. Each of the Ergohuman models are Greenguard Certified, with a 97% post-use recyclability metric, so you can feel assured that you are making a green conscious decision each time you take a seat.


The Dakota is the only chair from Eurotech’s classic collection that we carry. We carry the sled based option, which pairs a mesh back with a fabric chair and arm rest designed for comfort. The stackable Dakota comes without the arm rests or sled base, and stacks four high for more efficient storage. Both chairs use a sturdy steel frame and functional design making them the perfect all-around seating solution. Just like the Ergohuman line, the Dakota is Greenguard certified, providing one more option for you eco-friendly work environment.


Our shipping process for Eurotech varies depending on the order. For orders of only a few chairs they will ship UPS in their own box, but larger orders may require coordination and could be delivered via freight service. If this is the case, we will contact you to discuss the best delivery options for you so that there are no surprises or inconveniences. Every Eurotech chair typically ships out within 5 business days of an order, unassembled in box.


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