Alera Shelving

Food is not the only thing with a shelf life; your office has one, too. Whether your office shelving is lacking or simply needs some tidying up, Alera has something for you. The efficiency, durability and easy customization associated with Alera’s other products applies to their shelving as well.

Work environments vary. Make sure your shelving can adapt. The Alera Wire-Shelving Three-Tier Rolling Cart can. Available in black anthracite, this cart features two wire shelves and one wire basket along with four poles with one pull handle. It also has four casters, two that lock, making it easy to move and easy to keep in place. Alera made this cart strong and sturdy, built with welded wire, and simple to construct with easy attachments. Designed for either business or industrial purposes, it holds up well in various conditions. The exposed design allows for continuous airflow and helps minimize the accumulation of dust and the varnish on the surface of the cart helps inhibit deterioration in places of high humidity. For use indoors or outdoors, it includes safeguards for dry or wet environments and it is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, making it perfect for restaurant or other food service settings.

When there is a good thing, why not make more variations? Alera did. Made specifically for business purposes, Alera Commercial Medium-Duty Wire Shelving Starter Kit has many of the same favorable features as the Alera Wire-Shelving Three-Tier Rolling Cart. It is easy to construct by affixing together. It also has an exposed design for continuous airflow, a varnish, and safeguards to make it efficient in different environments with varying temperatures and conditions. What sets it apart? Available in black anthracite, it has two locking casters, making it easy to move, but they are also removable to compensate for more weight. With casters removed, each shelf can hold a maximum of six hundred pounds.

If you are looking for something similar but need to kick it up a notch to better suit your shelving needs, check out Alera Industrial Heavy-Duty Wire Shelving Starter Kit. Available in black or silver, this strong shelving unit is also designed for business or industrial purposes and it has the same design and structure qualities as the Alera Commercial Medium-Duty Wire Shelving Starter Kit. And, it is built with strong welded wire, too, enabling each shelf to hold a maximum of one thousand pounds. It is also adjustable in one inch increments for easy customization. And, like the Alera Wire Shelving Three-Tier Rolling Cart, it is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, specifically for dry settings.

Want to keep things rolling? Alera Rolling Filing Cart makes it easy. Available in black and in two different dimensions, this filing cart is sure to keep your office organized and accessible. With four, two inch hooded casters, this cart easily moves where you want it, and if you want it to stay put, its two locking casters keeps it in place. Have a lot to carry? The lower shelf of the cart can hold a maximum of one hundred and fifty pounds. If you like the adjustability of Alera’s other products, you will be happy to know that the filing cart’s lower shelf is adjustable in one inch increments, too. Alera made sure to keep things simple and made this cart easy to construct, no tools necessary.