Comparing Keurig Brewing Systems

As a Keurig Authorized Distributor, we know that each brewing system is different. Let’s break down the differences in the 4 brewers that we offer.

Our brewers can be divided into two categories, plumbed and non-plumbed units.  Both of the plumbed units must be connected to a water line, which eliminates the need to refill them with water. This requires an adapter for most water lines, which is available in the Filter Kit that we offer. The filter kit also comes equipped with 15 feet of tubing to give you more freedom with where you would like the brewer to be located.

Our largest plumbed unit is the K3000SE. This unit comes enabled with an auto-eject empty bin. After the 35th cup, the unit notifies the user to remove and empty the bin. You can spend less time emptying out old K-Cups and more time enjoying your beverage. The drip tray can also be adjusted to allow for tall brim cups and travel mugs to be used.

Our other plumbed unit is the K150P. The K150P offers much of the same capabilities that the K3000SE does in a more compact design, and without the empty bin.

For those who appreciate the commercial element of the K150P but wish for a non plumbed unit, the K150 is the answer. With comparable specs to the K150P but omitting the plumbed connection, the K150 is perfect for a small office or personal space. 

For those looking for something even more compact, the K130 is an excellent choice. The smallest brewer we offer features a sleek design and compact look at a fraction of the price of the commercial units. With an easy to refill water reservoir and easy to clean drip tray, this unit is perfect for personal use, guest rooms, and low traffic facilities.

Whatever your need is when it comes to Keurig, we have you covered in our Keurig Collection, and as an Authorized Distributer, you can rest assured that every brewer comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty backed up by us. From brewers to K-Cups, we do it all.