How to Upgrade Your Office Break Room

The break room is meant to be a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the office. It's where your employees can eat, rest, socialize, and recharge before getting back to work.  If the break room is truly the mini-oasis that it should be, it will help workers improve their focus and productivity during the day. Think your workplace needs a break room makeover? Here are a few affordable yet meaningful...
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Keurig K3500 Spotlight

Keurig K3500 Welcome to the new face of office luxury. The K3500 large business coffee maker is the advanced new brewer from Keurig, here to replace the conventional K3000SE model with some welcome upgrades. Boasting a sleek new design and black exterior body, the K3500 embodies workplace elegance with its enhanced, modern aesthetic appeal. This new brewer combines a high-resolution color touchscreen with the same easy-to-use functionality of former beloved...
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