Keurig K2500 Spotlight

Starting this winter, Keurig is discontinuing the popular k150p. The new and improved K-2500 will replace it. The K150P was a plumbed version, and the k150 was an unplumbed variant. The K-2500 changes that. It can be either plumbed or with a water tank that attaches to the side of the machine. No matter what option you chose, the base brewer stays the same. That means you get the same...
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Back to Work

Are you headed back to work? We have items that can assist in a safe journey back to the workplace. If you are looking to have a face covering, we offer many solutions. We have everything from KN95 masks to cleaning solutions. We can help get you everything you need for you to safely and comfortably head back into the office. See our selection of products here. Masks are essential...
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