Keurig K2500 Spotlight

Starting this winter, Keurig is discontinuing the popular k150p. The new and improved K-2500 will replace it. The K150P was a plumbed version, and the k150 was an unplumbed variant. The K-2500 changes that. It can be either plumbed or with a water tank that attaches to the side of the machine.

No matter what option you chose, the base brewer stays the same. That means you get the same great 5 cup choices. You can choose between 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces for the size of your brew. With all those different choices, there is a size for everyone! If you are worried about the attachable reservoir being able to handle multiple cups of coffee in a row, Keurig has you covered. The water tank with this brewer is 110oz, which is the largest tank of any Keurig brewer to date. With a cup size of 12 ounces, your cup of coffee may become watered down and not as strong. For those who want to keep the intensity of the coffee in every cup, choose the strong brew option!

With Keurig's "Quiet Brew Technology," the noise during use is decreased for a less noisy office environment. The easy to clean, wipeable surfaces make cleanup a breeze. The old K150P was hard to repair, so if it broke, it would lead to a lot of waste. This time around, Keurig has made the 2500 with serviceable modules. This means that when something goes wrong, you may be able to fix the machine the same day and get the sweet caffeine we all desire.
The new product refresh also brings about a few additional features. The brewer features a high-resolution color touch screen display, making it easy to navigate the settings. The attachable reservoir does not require a technician to install; it is user friendly. A low footprint means it is not an unsightly coffee machine that deters people from using it. A removable drip tray will accommodate larger cup sizes and even some travel mugs; take that delicious coffee anywhere you go!
The K150P was our most popular machine, and with this refresh and upgrade, it just continues to get better. Bring your brewer into 2020 with the K-2500.