Chair Mechanisms - Tilt Tension/Tilt Lock

  Not to worry, this is a good type of tension. This feature allows the back to recline at a 1:1 ratio to the seat, promoting a more comfortable seated position and balancing weight distribution to ease pressure on the body. Tilt tension regulates the rate and ease that the chair reclines. Once the desired position is achieved, the lock-out tilt feature keeps the chair in a secure, upright position. We...
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Chair Mechanisms - Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment

Take your chair to greater - or smaller - heights. This pneumatic adjustment feature allows you to change the height of the seat based on your height, so your feet stay grounded, without any gaps between you and the floor. Pneumatic height adjustment mechanisms work by using pressurized air to lift and lower the seat. We selected a couple of our favorite chairs with this feature below. This mechanism guide is designed...
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