How to Upgrade Your Office Break Room

The break room is meant to be a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the office. It's where your employees can eat, rest, socialize, and recharge before getting back to work.  If the break room is truly the mini-oasis that it should be, it will help workers improve their focus and productivity during the day. Think your workplace needs a break room makeover? Here are a few affordable yet meaningful...
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Chair Mechanisms - Multi-Task Control

We are big fans of multi-tasking; our chairs are, too. This feature includes a single lever that easily adjusts the angle of the back and seat individually. This provides an infinite number of locking positions within a set range, allowing you to modify and personalize the chair to your preferences. We picked one of our favorite chairs with this feature to highlight. Global Goal 2237-3 Low Back Multi-Tilter Task Chair This...
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