How to Upgrade Your Office Break Room

The break room is meant to be a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the office. It's where your employees can eat, rest, socialize, and recharge before getting back to work. 

If the break room is truly the mini-oasis that it should be, it will help workers improve their focus and productivity during the day. Think your workplace needs a break room makeover? Here are a few affordable yet meaningful upgrades you can make:

Get a High-Quality Coffee Maker

Having a coffee maker for the office break room is an absolute must. Over 50% of American adults drink coffee every day, so why make them go without? For this purpose, we carry the best coffee machines for the office, including Café Valet, NESCAFE, and Keurig.

The Keurig, more specifically the K2500 Commercial Coffee Maker, is perfect for brewing amazing cups of coffee, tea, cocoa, and iced drinks. This state-of-the-art device is fully customizable, allowing you to easily select five different cup sizes as well as a STRONG button that increases the strength and bold taste of your coffee. 

Install Basic Kitchen Appliances

Having basic kitchen appliances like a microwave and toaster makes it easier for workers to prepare their lunch and snacks throughout the day. This saves them from having to prep everything at home when they could be getting extra sleep. 

Along with a microwave and toaster, it's also good to have plates, cutlery, and glasses available. You don't need too many, just enough to ensure that workers have what they need to properly enjoy their lunch. Office Ready offers a full selection of breakroom appliances.

Have Comfortable Furniture

It's hard to unwind in a room that has no couches or supportive chairs. We recommend looking through our wide range of ergonomic office furniture to find the best seating for your team. Just make sure you have an appropriate amount of seating for the number of people in the break room at any given time.

Molded polypropylene chairs from top manufacturers like Global Seating make furnishing your breakroom a snap. Comfortable and easy to clean, they lend a stylish touch to any office common area. 

Offer Free Food and Drinks

Offering free food doesn't necessarily mean full meals. It's more about having extra snacks on standby in case someone forgot to pack a lunch or just needs an extra energy boost during the day. Keeping snacks in stock in your breakroom increases employee morale as well as productivity. Rather than leave the office for a bite, workers are more likely to grab a snack and stay on site if your breakroom is fully stocked.

That's why we offer lots of snacks you can buy in bulk at great prices, including KIND and Nature Valley granola bars, mini candies like peppermints and lifesavers, cookies, and crackers. As for drinks, we sell liquid creamer, powdered creamer, Lipton tea bags, juice boxes, and more. Browse our selection to find the perfect additions to your new and improved break room.

Browse Affordable Office Breakroom Upgrades with Office Ready

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