Alera Accessories

Alera knows that accessories are a must. Office Ready makes them accessible, carrying Alera Wire Shelving Stackable Posts. Available in silver or black to match your shelf, these stackable posts make great additions to existing shelves or they can be used to build custom shelving units to your desired size when used along with Alera’s Extra Shelves and Shelf Connecting Hooks. These stackable posts consist of four, thirty-six inch posts which can be connected to more posts to create the perfect height. Slightly slanted floor? No problem. Alera Wire Shelving Stackable Posts contain levelers to compensate for uneven surfaces.

You have a big to-do list already. Cleaning should not distract from other, more important tasks. Fortunately, Alera made it easy by offering Alera Wire Shelving Shelf Liners. These pliable, clear liners are designed to be used over equally sized wire shelves and they are perfect for storing small items. Available in a pack of four, simply place them over your shelves to keep them in tip-top shape.

Alera gives you options. Move your wire shelving from one place to another with Alera Optional Casters For Wire Shelving. With a fastener, the casters are simple to attach and bumpers are included to prevent shelving units from hitting walls. While casters make moving easy, it should be noted that they might minimize the amount of weight the shelves can hold.

Get a grip. Office Ready offers the Universal Studded Chair Mat. This transparent, vinyl chair mat is studded to keep the mat in place, guarding against spills and general wear and tear from foot traffic and frequent rolling of casters, preserving your office floors. This studded chair mat keeps things rolling smoothly. The surface allows chairs to easily roll, making it easy to maneuver, and the sloped edge creates a gradual shift from the mat to the carpet. Additionally, Universal made this studded chair mat free of orthophthalate and cadmium, ensuring the well-being of your office while also maintaining quality.

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