Ergonomic Chairs

Alera K8 Series Ergonomic Multifunction Mesh-Chair

Alera merges a sleek, modern aesthetic with an exceptional ergonomic design. This multifunction chair caters to functionality as well as user support. An airy mesh back provides overall back support while keeping you cool and comfortable. To maintain circulation in the legs, this chair features a contoured seat with a gradually sloped edge to minimize pressure on the back of the knees. For the optimal arm placement, Alera included subtly cushioned arm rests for the perfect balance of soft and structured. Arm rests can be moved up and down and forward and backward, encouraging proper posture. For easy adjustability, a wire mechanism provides easy access to levers.

Alera EQ Series Ergonomic Multifunction Mid-Back Mesh-chair

This EQ Series chair appears minimal yet sophisticated—but, there is more to it. An elastic, polyester, mesh seat and back provides breathability to help you stay cool and comfortable. Additionally, a contoured seat with a gradually sloped edge eases pressure off the back of the knees to maintain circulation. With a blend of ergonomic features, this chair is designed for user adjustability and customization with easy-to-reach levers beneath the seat. Adjust the height of the back and the seat or utilize the Synchro-Tilt mechanism to modify the recline relative to the seat. The arms of the chair are also adjustable to support posture; simply raise or lower them, move them forward or backward, or modify the angle.

Eurotech Ergo Elite High-Back Mesh-Chair

This chair exudes the meaning of ergonomic and takes it to another level—or three. Featuring a three-level mesh back, including a headrest, this Ergo Elite chair provides total lumbar, mid-back and neck support, while also improving comfort through enhanced breathability. Eurotech combines a host of ergonomic features and functions into one chair in order to provide unmatched overall comfort and efficiency—and, it puts the control in the hands of the user. Among these ergonomic features is back angle and back height adjustment, including an adjustable headrest, seat height and depth adjustment and single lever adjustment. Additionally, the arms are easily adjustable by height, width and depth. This chair also features tilt-tension, tilt-lock and Synchro-Tilt mechanisms. This allows the back of the chair to recline relative to the seat and keeps it locked in place, creating a more even distribution of weight, helping to ease pressure on the body. For more information on these ergonomic features listed, visit our Chair Buying Guide.

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Collection High-Back Ergonomic Chair

A similar yet simplified design compared to the Eurotech Ergo Elite, this chair was specially made for extended use of five or more hours, making it the ideal choice for a long work day. To sustain user comfort for hours at a time, this office chair features a two-level mesh back with flex zones for unlimited full back support. For additional comfort, the back height can be adjusted, and Synchro-Tilt and tension control allow the back angle to be adjusted while managing the tilt of the seat. This allows the user to modify the recline according to individual preferences. Once the preferred position is obtained, the chair can be locked in three different positions. To accommodate various statures, the height of the seat and the depth of the seat pan can be easily adjusted using levers located beneath the seat on the upper and lower right side. The height and angle of the armrests can also be modified to achieve proper placement. What else does this chair have to offer? Eurotech constructed this chair from 97 recyclable parts. It is also Greenguard Certified, so you can sit comfortably and contently knowing that this chair was made with integrity and limited chemical emissions to protect health and air quality in the workspace. This chair is available in black, blue, green, grey and orange. The black is available in both high and mid-back options as well as a leather fabric option.

Safco Twixt Extended-Height Ergonomic Chair

Get moving. While it can be difficult to stay active when working at a desk for hours at a time, Safco makes it easier. Designed by Thomas Walser, this simple yet useful backless chair features an upholstered swivel seat on an aluminum base. Height adjustable, portable and convenient, it pairs well with various work settings and accommodates different work surfaces, including standing desks. By allowing you to sit or lean against it, this chair helps you easily alternate between sitting and standing, encouraging better posture and more activity throughout your work day. This can help reduce tension and fatigue associated with being stagnant for long periods of time. Effortlessly modify the angle of the seat as well as the height of the chair from any position using the ring just below the seat.

basyx by HON Racing Style Gaming Chair

This is a game changer. This racing style gaming chair features a black bonded leather seat and back, contrasted with the option of green, grey, red or blue leather accents. Exuding a modern and high-tech appearance along with ergonomic features, this functional gaming chair is perfect for all ages and provides the user with options. Tilt control allows the chair to recline at various angles to accommodate ideal gaming posture, and padded arms can flip up or down, so they are there when you need them and out of the way when you do not. This chair also provides easy maneuverability, with a full rotation swivel and rolling casters.

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