• OxiClean™ Max Force Stain Remover, 12 oz Spray Bottle

OxiClean™ Max Force Stain Remover, 12 oz Spray Bottle Cleaners & Detergents-Laundry Pretreatment - Office Ready

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    Four-in-one stain fighter tackles the toughest spot-cleaning tasks. Amylase enzymes lift food and drink stains. Solvents dissolve oil. Special polymers and surfactants bind grease and soil to the wash water, ensuring a clean rinse. Protease enzymes target protein-based stains, including grass and blood. Application: Laundry Pretreatment; Applicable Material: Fabric; Dirt Types: Food Stains; Grass Stains; Grease; Oil-Based Soil; Organic Matter; Water-Based Soil; Scent: Neutral.

  • Four types of stain fighters.
  • Food stain-lifting amylase enzymes.
  • Oil-dissolving solvents.
  • Grease- and dirt-binding surfactants and polymers.
  • Protein stain-targeting protease enzymes.
  • Item Number: CDC5703700070EA
  • GTIN: 00757037512449

  • Shipping Dimensions | Width: 3.736 in. Height: 8.25 in. Length: 1.87 in. Weight: 1.956 lbs.

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