Adaptable Coworking with Alera We and Qub

Alera We and Qub Series

Configurate and Collaborate

In any office setting, the ability to easily adjust and work together is important for efficiency. Furniture should do the same. With unique simplicity and superior adaptability, the Alera WE and QUB Series offer an impeccable balance of contemporary and functional design. Great for offices and communal or coworking spaces, simply join together, pull apart and add or subtract furniture pieces to create your ideal customized configuration, perfect for collaboration.

Furniture That Takes Shape

The Alera WE Series Collaboration Seating takes basic geometry to another level. Featuring a collection of padded, PU upholstered benches in various geometric shapes and sizes, including circle, cube, rectangle and arc benches, this series provides immediate versatile seating. Each of the bench shapes are intended to be easily mixed and matched in unlimited arrangements. This is helpful for customizing different spaces. The cube and rectangle benches can be placed together to create a more structured layout with straight lines. Alternatively, the arced benches can be used for creating a wavy configuration or forming half or complete circles for group meetings. The circle and cube benches can be used multiple ways, such as for side tables or ottomans. If a designated tabletop is needed to hold any work necessities, Alera offers the same design as the circle bench in table form. And, when combining all of these shapes, there’s no need to cut corners. By adding a quarter bench specifically intended to be wedged between corners, you can fill in any gaps between pieces of furniture.

Add and Subtract

Comprised of tufted seats with silver steel frames, the Alera QUB Series is a modern and sophisticated, yet highly practical sectional set. Like the WE Series, all of these pieces can be combined and organized in different ways to create various seating arrangements. The ottoman can be placed next to corner sectionals or used in conjunction with the armless or L-sectional, either side-by-side or back-to-back to create a two-sided seat. Or, it can simply be used as a table or footstool. Likewise, the spacious and armless L-sectional can be configured with the corner sectional or ottoman. The corner sectional is perfect for creating a couch-like set-up by placing one on each side of the L-sectional.

Stay Connected

Having the perfect collaboration workspace isn’t so perfect if you can’t reach an outlet or charging station. That’s why Alera made the L-sectional available with an added built-in plug and charge station with an electrical outlet and two USB ports. If your arrangement includes an ottoman, corner sectional or the standard L-sectional, the QUB series also includes a powered armrest wedge that can be added to the other sectionals for convenience.

Mix and Match

Like pieces from both series? Combine the two! While both series are user-friendly and modifiable, the QUB series is refined and the WE Series adds a pop of color and interest to any composition. By mixing the two, you get all of these qualities together in one space.