Bulk K-cups

Bulk Keurig

The solution for all of your coffee needs is finally here. Introducing bulk Keurig K-cup pods, the simple answer for small businesses and large corporations alike when it comes to meeting your coffee office demands. If you find yourself consistently short-stocked on supplies and losing time reordering the same product, then you should stop paying more for the same quality product you love! Bulk purchasing ensures that you get the very same product quality you love for a fraction of the price. These single-serve Keurig K-cup pods are compatible with all Keurig K-cup Coffee Makers, delivering the same hassle-free clean up after every brew. Each pod is filled with the freshest ground coffee, ensuring a perfectly brewed cup every time. Each box includes 196 individual pods, with a variety of flavors to choose from that are listed below.

Colombia Select:

Hints of rich caramel and cocoa balance this robust blend, fresh from the abundant valleys of Columbia. Notes of honeyed apricot guarantee a smooth, rich finish.

Columbia French Vanilla:

Delight in the sweet and exotic aroma of vanilla. Crisp, light, and round-bodied, with the rich flavor of vanilla cream.

The Original Donut Shop:

Enjoy coffee the way coffee should be. A cheerful, honest full-bodied cup here to remind us all that a cup full of happiness is a thing to be celebrated.

Breakfast Blend:

Fresh and bright, just as the morning should be, this well balanced, silky blend is sweet, nutty, and lightly roasted for a clean finish. 

Dark Magic:

A deep, bold blend with subtle notes of dark chocolate and dried fruit with a hearty, almost bitter body.

Newman’s Own Organics:

An inspired blend of medium-roasted Central American coffees and darker-roasted Indonesian beans, this coffee is a crowd pleasing, unassuming cup that offers consistently superb flavor every time.

When it comes to your office, don’t overspend on endless small orders when you can instead save time and money. Think big, think bold, think bulk.