Chair Mechanisms - Posture Lock

Posture Lock Diagram

Posture is important, especially throughout a long workday. This feature allows the user to adjust the back according to their preferences and needs within a fixed range. This promotes better spinal alignment and weight distribution tailored to the user. Once the desired back placement is established, this feature keeps it locked in place. We picked one of our favorite chairs with this feature to highlight.

Global Graphic Chair

Global Graphic 2738MB Mesh Posture Back Task Chair

Modern in appearance, this task chair features a breathable mesh back to keep you cool and comfortable and G4 arms with high-strength, Self-Skinned Urethane (SSU) arm caps that slide forward of back for the ideal placement. Designed with posture in mind, this chair allows the user and the back of the chair to rotate from the same point, creating a smooth motion.

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