Comparing Chair Fabrics and How to Clean Them

Mesh Chair Cleaning

Cleaning your chair may not be on your mind until an unexpected coffee spill, a few too many cracker crumbles or blue ink marks end up on the seat you sit on every day. Those are the times when it’s particularly helpful to know how to properly clean your chair. But, not all chairs should be cleaned the same way. So, how do you know the best way to clean your chair? It all depends on the material. This is because each type requires different cleaning solutions and formulations designed for specific applications, ensuring that it effectively cleans and protects.

Cleaning Leather Chairs

To maintain its quality and appearance, leather is especially important to clean periodically. While cleaning a sleek and modern leather chair like the Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Slim Profile Chair, may seem difficult due to the nature of the material, it can actually be rather easy. Weiman makes ready to go, high-quality wipes that make cleaning leather simple and effective. Carefully formulated using a micro-emulsion process with a blend of six natural oils, these pre-moistened wipes clean and condition leather to restore its natural quality, while also protecting the material. The formula also contains a UVX-15 sunscreen, creating a shield to protect from sun damage. This is particularly beneficial if your desk and chair are situated near a window that gets a significant amount of natural light. And, because of the simple application and compact storage, these wipes are easy to transport back and forth between the office and home to use on all your leather chairs, and more.

Cleaning Mesh Chairs

Mesh chairs have an advantage when it comes time to clean them. Their natural breathability allows for more continuous air circulation reducing buildup that may otherwise accumulate. This airflow also promotes faster drying after the cleaner has been applied. However, because of the craters in the texture of the material, any particles that do collect can be more difficult to remove. This is why it’s helpful to utilize a vacuum for the first step of the cleaning process. Using a handheld vacuum, start by vacuuming the seat and back of the chair, concentrating on the areas with more buildup. A raised, mid-back chair, like the Alera Elusion Series Mid-Back Multifunction Chair, makes it easier to clean otherwise hard to reach areas due to the space between the back and seat. Once all surface debris is cleared, the next step is to use a cleaner, such as Resolve Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner. Don’t let the name mislead you; this spray is versatile. With sodium laureth sulfate as an active ingredient, it’s effective at removing food and grease stains quickly and easily. The formula also neutralizes odors, keeping the fabric smelling fresh no matter what may have spilled on it.

Cleaning Fabric Chairs

Cleaning fabric chairs can sometimes require a little more care because there’s so much variation. For example, if the fabric is lighter in color, it’s going to be tougher to remove a stain. To avoid any mishaps, it’s a good idea to read the tag for proper cleaning instructions and start by cleaning a small area to see how it reacts. Some fabric chairs, like the Office to Go High Back Pneumatic Tilter Chair, can be cleaned easily, though, much like mesh chairs. Similarly, vacuuming is a good place to start as this removes any debris that may be sitting on the surface of the fabric that may otherwise get in the way. If you’re attempting to remove a stain, using a handheld steamer can help “loosen” it making it more receptive to the cleaning solution that follows. Resolve Spot and Stain Carpet cleaner also works well on fabric chairs. Try gently blotting the stain rather than rubbing it to avoid further seeping into the fabric. This can be repeated until the stain is sufficiently removed.

For something that gets so much use—like your chair—it’s a good idea to have a few cleaning essentials on hand so that you’re ready to tackle a stain or spill at any time. The same way it’s important to find the right chair for you, it’s also important to find the right cleaning products for your chair. This will provide an effective clean while safeguarding the material.