Essential First Aid Office Supplies

If you intend on running a responsible business that cares for both its workers and customers, it's essential to have easily accessible first aid supplies. If an employee or customer ever needs medical attention, you'll be glad to have the right products on standby. 

Of course, first aid kits are also beneficial in less intense, everyday scenarios. They can be used to help treat minor aches and pains to boost productivity and overall mood in the workplace. For your convenience, this article will provide you with important information regarding first aid essentials, pre-made kits, and the major reasons why every workplace needs appropriate first aid supplies.

The Must-Have Basics

Not sure of what to include in your first aid kit? We're happy to offer some recommendations. If you already have a first aid kit on the go, here are some important products you should include:

These are just a few of the products that you should have multiples of in your first aid kit or supply closet. These supplies can be used to address a wide variety of common workplace injuries, including burns, splinters, scrapes, and joint pain. Of course, you can always customize the contents of your kit to accommodate the unique needs of you, your employees, and your workplace.

Purchase Complete Pre-Made Kits

If you're not already in the process of filling up your first aid kit or first aid cabinet, we recommend browsing through our pre-made kits. Our complete first aid kits come in various sizes to accommodate your workplace. These include a 50-person first aid kit with 194 pieces and another with 229 pieces, and a 25-person kit with 89 pieces and another with 131 pieces.

With our variety of first aid kits, we're confident that you can find one that suits you and your office's needs. Regardless of size, each kit has all the first aid essentials every responsible workplace needs to look out for its employees and customers.

Why Your Office Needs First Aid Supplies

There are several reasons why every office needs to have a first aid kit. By having first aid supplies easily accessible to you and your workers, you can treat injuries quickly, lessening the risk of complications and long-term damage. You can also relieve pain from burns or other medical conditions. 

The first aid supplies you introduce to your workplace can be used to make your employees more comfortable, like Midol and wrist braces. They could also be used to save someone's life one day. You never know, and that's why it's important to always be prepared. 

Buy First Aid Supplies for the Office Online

Office Ready has all the individual products on your first aid kit checklist, as well as pre-made kits for your convenience. To ensure that you always have the supplies you need and that you can save money in the process, we sell many of our first aid products in bulk. The same is true for most of our other products, which include PPE, snacks, beverages, and more. 

If you have any questions about our workplace first aid kits or anything else, please reach out to our team. You can contact us by calling 866-222-1244, emailing, or completing our inquiry form. We hope to hear from you soon!