Hon Volt Chairs - Task Chairs to Support All of Your Tasks

Hon Volt

HON Volt Task chairs offer a modern, refined look, designed to pair with all types of office settings, without sacrificing comfort, support, or an affordable price. With enclosed seat material constructed from recycled wood compounds, these chairs have more than what meets the eye. Volt Task Chairs are carefully sized and structured. The upholstered seats and backs are curved and contoured for versatility and comfort for all users. Additionally, the chair height, tilt and recline can be adjusted using easy-to-reach levers to tailor to different heights, body types or individual preferences. These compact chairs have a five-star base crafted from a strong resin, and a 360-degree swivel for effortless movement and mobility.

Available in a variety of features and combinations, each seating option shares many of the same favorable qualities as the rest of the series, with a few key differences, giving you choices. Browse our offering of the Volt line or read on to learn more!

Choose Between a Chair and a Stool:

Just as your back should be supported, your feet should be, too. HON Volt Series Task Stools are similar in design to the Volt Task Chairs, but also feature an adjustable footring that can be moved up or down to your liking, and then locked in place. This added footring is perfect for accommodating different statures, while improving comfort and stability. It also encourages more movement, making it easy to alternate between sitting and standing.

Choose a Tilt:

HON Volt Task Chairs are built with either center-tilt or synchro-tilt mechanisms. This affects the recline. The center-tilt pivots the seat from a point in the middle of the chair to recline. The synchro-tilt reclines the back at a higher proportion than the seat for better back positioning for improved posture and lasting support. The synchro-tilt chair features a unique, smooth and flexible SofThread leather fabric with a custom stitching, for both comfort and aesthetic.

Choose a Fabric:

Aside from the synchro-tilt chair, each chair or stool is available with either full polyester fabric or a mesh back option. The mesh back provides superior breathability by encouraging continuous airflow. This helps keep you keep you cool and comfortable while you work.

Add Height-Adjustable Arms:

If you would prefer adjustable arms with any of these Volt Chairs or stools, we have those available as well. These easy to install arm attachments allow you to modify the height to the level that’s optimal for you, to provide upper body support and ideal shoulder placement.