How to Choose a Standing Desk Before Buying

Standing Desk

We know that it’s important to alternate between sitting and standing for more movement. We also know that working at a computer all day can make it difficult to stay active. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the help of sit-stand desks, it can be easy to move without leaving your workspace, so you can keep working and moving, simultaneously.

Just about everyone can benefit from a standing desk. But, not every standing desk is right for everyone. That’s why there are different types of desks available, such as monitor risers and electric bases. Both of these desks make it easy to change between sitting and standing, but they achieve that through different methods. This makes each of them favorable for different work needs. So, how do you know which one is most suitable for you? It all depends on your work setting and work style.

Limited space doesn’t have to limit your options. If you have a smaller office that isn’t easy to rearrange, monitor risers are the perfect solution. Intended to be supplemental, monitor risers compliment your existing workspace by sitting on top of your current desk. Featuring a two-tier design, monitor risers include an upper-level designated for desktops and monitors and a lower-level with a space for a separate keyboard tray. These standing desks are height-adjustable with dual lever adjustment mechanism. This allows you to easily modify the height to your preference and effortlessly move from sitting to standing, or vice versa. Because of how they rise and condense without moving away from the desk, monitor risers provide a generous amount of space to work without taking up a lot of space.

For larger offices or workspaces that require heavier lifting, electric bases may be the preferred option. Different from monitor risers, electric bases require a tabletop surface. Utilizing two motors and three stages that are operated by a four-setting programmable switch function, electric bases work by raising and lowering the tabletop to the preferred height with the push of a button. Due to their durability and motor function, these bases are excellent for holding, lifting and lowering heavier items, up to 250 pounds total.

Finding a sit-stand desk that works well for you and your type of office environment can make all the difference in how well you work and how well you move. Your workspace shouldn’t create more work for you. It should help you work better. We like to say; a good desk won’t stand in your way. It’ll help you stand—or sit—your way.