How to Eliminate Leg Soreness and Fatigue with a Standing Desk

So, you are sore sitting down and you are sore standing up, what gives? There are issues associated with both long term sitting and long term standing—that is, standing in the same place—because they both include being stagnant. What makes a standing desk helpful during a long work day is not the standing itself; it is the encouragement of ongoing movement, alternating between sitting and standing every so often. It is all about mixing it up.

But, even when switching between sitting and standing, after awhile there can still be some discomfort, especially when standing on a hard floor. That is why leg soreness is a common complaint associated with standing in place. To help with this, we recommend an anti-fatigue mat. While these mats will not give you an energy boost—there is coffee for that—they can help minimize leg fatigue by adding a padded layer between you and the floor. Commonly made with vinyl or rubber combined with cushioned foam, these mats provide soft comfort below the feet. Many of these mats also have traction to stay in place, as well as a no-slip surface for safety.

There are also more steps you can take to combat leg soreness. Did you think there was additional meaning behind that? You would be correct. Taking more steps is always better. Going for a walk during your lunch break or periodically leaving your desk for a water or coffee refill can benefit not only your legs, but also your mind, as it provides you with an opportunity to regroup and refocus. Whatever you do, it is important to keep moving, getting more steps in whenever time permits during your work day.

What else do we mean by taking more steps? Take more than one approach to further enhance your results. When it comes to minimizing leg soreness, using a combination of techniques can help. For example, in addition to using an anti-fatigue mat, you can also try switching between standing positions and changing how each leg bears weight. Or, you could try using a support, such as a high stool, allowing you to easily alternate between sitting and standing, therefore, keeping you moving more.

While standing desks provide a great way to change-up how you work, these suggestions are intended to help you stand more comfortably, with ease. Try any one or all of these tips to help eliminate leg soreness when using a standing desk.