K-Cups: How do they compare?


Whether you’re a dedicated coffee connoisseur, or you enjoy an occasional sip, there’s a cup for you—more specifically, a K-Cup. Intended to be used with Keurig brewing systems, K-Cups have become especially popular. In addition to being convenient, they also allow everyone to choose how they want their coffee, making them the preferred choice for office and community settings. Whether you want to try something new or you aren’t quite sure how to stock your breakroom, we can help make it easier to make a choice. We offer an extensive range of coffee brands, available in a variety of blends, so you’re sure to find just the right brew for you—and everyone else.

If you’re looking for variety—and a little bit of extra flavor—Green Mountain Coffee has it. While this brand offers some classic blends such as Breakfast Blend and French Roast, they also have a sweet side. When you need a warm pick me up, with a little a hint of sweetness, try their French Vanilla, Caramel Vanilla Cream, Southern Pecan or Hazelnut blends.

Green Mountain sets themselves apart by creating unique blends of their own, tailored to different roast preferences. Dark Magic and Double Black Diamond blends, offer bold flavors, while Vermont Country Blend and Our Blend exude a balance of flavors with light to medium roasts. Green Mountain also doesn’t shy away from the unexpected, offering a Wild Mountain Blueberry blend, which features a light roast with hints of berry.

Starbucks also has their own assortment of unique blends, from light to dark roasts. Both their Pike Place Roast and Veranda Blend have hints of toasted nut and cocoa flavors that are expressed a slightly different way. Pike Place Roast is a smooth, medium roast, while their Veranda Blend is a more subtle, blonde roast. For a richer and more dominant cocoa flavor, try their Café Verona blend.

If you’re seeking a more classic taste, with exceptional flavor, Tully’s, Barista Prima and Coffee People are all great options. Start your day with a cup of Tully’s Breakfast Blend or Coffee People’s Morning Blend. Both of these blends feature light roasts with subtle sweetness, perfect for morning. If you’re after a more intense flavor, you can find it with Barista Prima’s French Roast, or Tully’s French Roast, for an added smoky flavor. Similarly, both of these brands also offer an Italian Roast. Both are dark roasts with bold flavors, however, Tully’s has flavors of caramel and spice, while Barista Prima’s is slightly fruitier. If you prefer something in the middle, and medium roasts are your go-to, Green Mountain, Barista Prima and Coffee People all offer variations of Colombian roasts. Or, if you need to bring a bit of sunshine with you while you work, try Tully’s Hawaiian Blend; a medium roast with tropical tones.

Many of these blends are available in a decaf option, so you’re not limited to the time of day you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup.

When choosing K-Cups, it’s a good mix it up! Starting with some of the popular classic roasts and adding in a few unique blends is a great way to ensure your breakroom is stocked to its fullest potential with an excellent K-Cup assortment.