Keurig K3500 Spotlight


Keurig K3500

Welcome to the new face of office luxury. The K3500 large business coffee maker

is the advanced new brewer from Keurig, here to replace the conventional K3000SE model with some welcome upgrades. Boasting a sleek new design and black exterior body, the K3500 embodies workplace elegance with its enhanced, modern aesthetic appeal. This new brewer combines a high-resolution color touchscreen with the same easy-to-use functionality of former beloved Keurig models. Advanced technology allows for multiple programmable languages, while still maintaining intuitive usability. The K3500 was also designed to be environmentally conscious, and has an automatic screen saver modality for reduced energy output while not in use, thus limiting its environmental footprint. 

As opposed to the Keurig 3000SE, the K3500 features double internal hot water tanks that allows for unlimited brewing capacity without any delay between cups. The K3500 also offers new additional brew choices, including 5 brewing sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz), adjustable temperature control, and a special strong brew option for a more intense cup. Like previous models, the K3500 has automatic K-cup ejection and storage for effortless clean up and is fully serviceable. This model is available for direct water line plumbing and is commercial grade quality, as well as NSF-4 certified.

Whether you are part of a small start-up or a large corporation, the K3500 coffee maker is the perfect addition to any business setting. Enjoy modern elegance as never seen before in this upgraded model from Keurig.