Product Comparisons: Shredders

Swingline Shredder

When it comes to sensitive and important documents, how you get rid of them is important. That’s why having a shredder is crucial for effective and secure disposal. Now, with efficient technology for smooth shredding, getting rid of your documents can be as simple as throwing them in the recycle—without the worry.

Don’t get caught in a jam. Fellowes Powershred 125i 1005 Jam Proof Strip-Cut Shredder has a built-in system designed to eliminate paper jams, even when shredding up to 18 sheets at a time. Additionally, this shredder is energy efficient, both when it’s in use and when it’s not. It also utilizes a sensor to halt shredding when hands come in contact with the paper opening. Even with frequent use, there’s no need to worry about disturbing your nearby coworkers; Fellowes Powershred is exceptionally quiet for use in close quarters. When the 14-gallon bin gets full, simply remove it, throw the contents away in the recycle, reattach it and you’re ready to keep shredding.

Go automatic with Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Cross-Cut Shredder, designed for personal use and heightened productivity. With touch screen technology, backlit LEDs and an AccuFeed System, this shredder is easy to use and produces fast shredding for medium usage. It has a 130-sheet capacity when used automatically or an 8-sheet capacity when used manually. If the device senses a jam, it stops and reverses the paper, keeping it shredding properly. This shredder has a maximum run time of 10 minutes on and 25 minutes off, and the Sleep Mode feature saves energy by shutting down after 2 minutes of inactivity. It’s not only designed for paper. This shredder also effectively shreds staples, paper clips and credit cards.

Give it a swing. The Swingline DX20-19 Cross-Cut Jam Free Shredder does it all. This shredder has a continuous run time, allowing for more items to be shredded fast. With a cross-cut shred style for additional security, it effectively shreds up to 20 sheets of paper at once as well as individual DVDs, CDs and credit cards. This shredder is self-sufficient. Using a synthetic oil, it automatically lubricates cutters to keep them moving freely and reducing shreds that could otherwise accumulate and lead to jams. This keeps the device shredding properly, even with extended and frequent use. Additionally, it includes an indicator light that glows red when too much paper has been inserted at once. Likewise, it glows green when the amount of paper is within the shredder’s capacity. To minimize energy waste, it automatically shuts down and wakes up as needed.

Make it convenient. The Swingline Stack-and-Shred 130X Auto Feed Super Cross-Cut Shredder has many of the same great features as the Swingline DX20-19, with a different design and mechanism. Instead of feeding paper into the shredder, you can just stack it and close the lid. This shredder permits 130 sheets to be stacked at a time into the auto feed tray. Then, the super cross-cut 130X automatically shreds it all. And, there’s no need to be neat. The Swingline Stack-and-Shred can even properly shred folded or crumpled paper. The 7-gallon pull-out bin with a view window reduces how often you have to clear out the shreds and makes it easy to see how full it’s getting.

While having a shredder can benefit just about anyone, not all of them are the same. Considering your shredding needs and usage is necessary in determining the right shredder for you, ensuring that it operates most efficiently and stays hassle-free.