Product Spotlight: Alera® Elusion™ Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

Alera Elusion Chair

A multifunctional design for a multifunctional you.

Sitting seems so simple, but there’s actually much more to it— sitting comfortably, at least. That’s where ergonomics come into play. There’s an entire science involved in designing and building a chair so that it’s comfortable for the user, and more specifically, you. But, what makes a chair comfortable? Aside from the fixed structure and materials, much of a chair’s comfortability is a result of adjustable features which create a custom fit—Alera Elusion Series mid-back multifunction chair has those features, plus a little more. It’s one of our best-sellers; and for a good reason.

Let’s start with versatility. While some chairs are intended for specific applications, such as guest seating or executive seating, other chairs, like this multifunction chair, have multiple applications. In fact, it’s categorized as a “general office and task chair” because it pairs well with all types of workspaces and work styles.

It’s all about customization. This chair is built to work and move with you. What makes this chair so customizable? Many things. In addition to its seat glide technology, which permits the seat to move forward or back, the angle of the back and the tilt of the seat can both be adjusted for a proper fit. This allows you to modify the back angle in proportion to the seat and adjust the tilt in free floating, infinite locking or forward tilt positions. By doing so, this chair conforms to a variety of physiques and statures while also supporting proper posture while you work. Even more beneficial, the mid-back seat along with a height adjustable ratchet back increases comfort by providing more centralized lower back support. And, as a bonus, this chair helps you keep your cool while you work, thanks to the breathable mesh back which allows for better airflow, promoting a more balanced temperature.

While the back and seat play a crucial role in the comfort of a chair, even the smaller details can make a big difference. This task chair is equipped with soft, adjustable polyurethane armrests allowing you to effortlessly raise and lower the height and increase or decrease the width to the right position for you.

The right chair shouldn’t cause pressure or limit you. Actually, finding the right chair for you can help alleviate pressure and provide you with movement. This chair does both. The seat cushion is subtly curved and gradually sloped, helping to minimize pressure on the legs. This meticulously crafted seat sits above a five-star base with caters, allowing you to easily move about your workspace, even while sitting down.

All of these features combined make it easier to sit comfortably when sitting for an extended period of time—a hallmark of a good chair.

Find the ALEEL42ME10B here.