Product Spotlight: HON Coordinate 2 and 3 Stage Height-Adjustable Bases

HON Coordinate Adjustable Base

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Alternating between sitting and standing is a great way to incorporate more movement throughout your work day. In order to stay productive, however, it needs to be easy to move. Fortunately, sit-stand desks can help with that. The key is to find the right one for your particular workspace. For spacious worksurfaces that require heavy lifting, electric bases may be the preferred choice for both private and open working environments.

HON® Coordinate™ 2-Stage Height-Adjustable Base

Programmed with electric controls with up to four settings, this two-stage, height-adjustable base attaches to your worksurface and raises and lowers the tabletop to the preferred height with the push of a button. This allows for effortless adjustability and freedom of movement to accommodate day-to-day sitting and standing activity. Due to its superior durability and motor function, this base is excellent for holding, lifting and lowering heavy items, up to 250 pounds at a time.

HON® Coordinate™ 3-Stage Height-Adjustable Base

This three-stage base includes many of the same features as the two-stage base. Paired with a HON® worksurface, it creates a fully height-adjustable desk that conveniently raises from sitting height to full standing height, and anywhere in between.

With some simple additions, like height-adjustable bases, you can create a modifiable workspace that is both conducive to your health and productivity. But, we understand that each work environment has different needs. That’s why in addition to these bases, we offer a wide variety of adjustable desks. Browse our website or ask us a question and we can help find the right desk for you.