Wellness Screens and PPE

Are you looking to maintain 6 feet of social distancing? Wellness screens can help. These acrylic screens often called sneeze guards are a great way to protect you and those around you. These screens are perfect for those who see or interact with people on a daily basis. With a built-in cutout to allow documents to pass through, you don't have to worry about your workflow being hindered. Freestanding feet will enable the sneeze guard to be moved around freely, so you are not tied down. The acrylic surface means easy cleanup, no more worrying about spending hours cleaning up other materials. Spray the screen with some sanitizing spray, give it a few wipes, and you will be on your way. We offer a selection of cleaning supplies and spray that will do the hard work for you. Check them out here.

Different sized screens help to make sure you have what you need for any occasion. The see-through acrylic makes sure you do not lose face to face connection between you and your customers. For even more protection, we offer a variety of PPE products to help keep people safe during these trying times. We have 3-Ply disposable masks that can be bought in bulk. We also offer KN95 masks that have a higher protection and filtration rate. A mask goes great with a face shield to protect against any larger drops of liquid that might be coming your way. After the exchange between you and the customer is done, use hand sanitizer to help clean your hands. Sanitizer can help reduce the number of germs on your hand, reducing the spread. Don't hesitate! Get the essential PPE products you and your business need.

Check out our full range of personal protection equipment here. Wash your hand, avoid touching your face, wear a face covering, and stay safe!