What are the pros and cons of a Commercial Keurig Brewer?

Commercial Keurig Brewers

Knowledge is power, and coffee is fuel. So, why not spend some time getting to know the brewer that delivers your fresh cup—or three—of coffee every morning? At Office Ready, we mean business, which is why we know all about commercial Keurigs. We understand what makes these brewers excellent additions to workspaces, and we also understand the drawbacks and ways around them. Read on to uncover some of the pros and “not so pros” of this business-style brewer.

Sometimes, less is more. And, when it comes to electricity use this is especially true. One of the benefits of commercial Keurig brewers is that they require less electricity to keep the coffee pot hot. You get hot coffee and electricity is conserved at the same time; we call this a win-win. Commercial brewers are also UL-Listed, with a heavy duty power cord for better durability.

You might not mind standing in line for tickets to your favorite movie or concert, but we are going to guess that standing in line in the breakroom for a cup of coffee is not how you want to spend your time. Fortunately, these commercial brewers are highly efficient and fast, so you can keep going back for more without wasting your precious time standing in line.  

Another favorable feature of Keurig brewers, specifically when compared to traditional coffee makers is the number of drink choices it allows you. This is because the Keurig system uses K-Cups, rather than ground coffee in a filter. K-Cups are available with an extensive range of options in all kinds of varieties and flavors; anything from coffee, tea and sometimes even soup. K-Cups are also part of what allows Keurig brewing systems to operate quickly.

So, we have covered the benefits of commercial brewers and you might be wondering if there are any downsides. While we struggle to call these “cons” there are some drawbacks.

For most commercial brewers, 10 oz is the largest cup option. While this may be an inconvenience for those who are volume conscious and prefer an extra generous amount of their preferred drink at a time, there is some value in periodically getting up from your desk for a brisk walk to refill.

Like we mentioned, Keurig machines require a low amount of energy to operate, but people have expressed concern about the number of K-Cups that will be used. Keurig is addressing this head on with a goal to have every K-Cup recyclable by 2020. In the meantime, there are organizations that can recycle K-Cups, such as Grounds to Grow On.

Take a look at our Keurig Commercial Brewers collection, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!