Workplace Items You Don’t Know You Need - Until You Need Them

First Aid Kit

Inconvenience never has good timing, especially when you have important work to do. And, while sometimes it’s inevitable, being prepared beforehand can help cut back on how often these little (or big) hindrances occur. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your office is equipped with all the right necessities—for when you need them.

Safety (and first aid) first! This is an example of something that you need but that you never want to have to use. Sure, when that ever so small but mighty paper cut strikes, you could use a piece of a paper towel and some tape to cover it right up (some other office basics right there). Or, you could have the tried and true essentials already stashed away. Having a complete first aid kit on hand helps you stay prepared for the things you never plan. If you’re a frequent traveler, you can also carry travel-sized first aid kits to keep you covered should any mishaps occur. And, once you already have a fully stocked kit, you only have to replace individual items as needed.

Before fatigue sets in, mats step in. Whether you have a sit-stand desk and you’re actively trying to stand more, or your job naturally requires more standing, eventually it can become strenuous on the body. But, that shouldn’t stop or distract you from getting your work done. Fortunately, anti-fatigue mats provide the perfect solution; stopping fatigue before it starts. These mats are available with various materials and textures tailored to different work settings and requirements—from office to restaurant—and are designed to provide padded comfort between your feet and the floor.  

When it comes to prepping your office, make sure you have the “right tools in your toolbox”. From furniture assembly and breakdown to the unexpected impromptu repair—and everything in between—having a complete tool set on hand is not only convenient, but also, in many cases, required to get the job done. One of our favorite picks is the Stanley 51-Piece Mixed Tool Set. Its molded case holds an assortment tools for all types of functions and fixes, and it’s both easy to store and easy to take with you for any task, anywhere.

Keep it within reach. Workplaces should always be accessible. Keeping things within easy reach is important to your productivity. But, that doesn’t mean all items have to be stored at an arm’s length away. Instead of modifying your whole office set-up, you can easily adjust with the help of a step ladder, like the Cosco Max Work Platform. We like this three-step ladder especially because it’s strong and durable yet lightweight and easy to store, so you can use it when it’s needed and fold it up and out of the way when it’s not. Additionally, it features built-in safety precautions with skid-resistant feet and slip-resistant treads on each step. And, it’s suitable for a variety of applications, from a simple boost to reach something too high, or more involved tasks like painting or repairs.

Need to move something in a snap? Push it with push carts, like the Alera Wire Shelving Three-Tier Rolling Cart. The simple, snap-together design makes it easy to assemble and easy to take apart. Equipped with two wire shelves and one wire basket, as well as rolling casters and a handle, these carts move as quickly as you do. This makes them ideal for both storage, organization and transportation.

While each work setting is different and requires its own list of supplies, when it comes to convenience and avoiding unnecessary hassles, there are some workplace staples that are beneficial for all. Need more inspiration? Browse our inventory to see what items may be perfect for your specific workplace. We offer an extensive selection of office products to help make work a little easier. Like our name suggests, we’re here to help you get your Office Ready for anything, even the unexpected.