What are the Best Practices of Using a Standing Desk?

We stand by our desks, and we hope you will, too, because alternating between standing and sitting is important. Frequently switching positions can help with focus, allowing you to get more work done. It can also mitigate some of the negative health problems associated with primarily sitting or standing in one position for extended periods of time, especially cumulatively.

Work should work for you, and fortunately, standing desks allow you to work better and healthier. While using a standing desk is rather straightforward, we have some tips to help you get the most out of it. Below, we have broken down some of the best practices for using a standing desk.

One of the advantages of a standing desk is that it adjusts to the user. The height of the desk can be tailored to accommodate your stature, by using elbow height as a reference, thus achieving the ideal placement for each individual.

Set up a conducive workspace for standing desks. Being cognizant of the layout of your workspace and making sure to arrange it in such a way that leaves adequate space for adjusting and moving the desk is important. Additionally, it helps to stay organized. Really, this is a good tip no matter what type of desk you use. When your work space is organized, you can work more efficiently. And, as a bonus, it helps reduce stress by avoiding clutter and maintaining a clean aesthetic. Staying organized also helps you keep track of where everything is located, allowing easy accessibility.

Switch it up. Just as you may switch positions while sitting for extended periods of time, the same is suggested while standing. First, make sure you maintain good posture by standing up straight to minimize unnecessary soreness or strain caused by slouching. It will also help keep you more awake and alert. Second, changing up how you are standing and shifting the amount of weight placed on each leg at a time can be helpful. Likewise, using a footrest or footstool can provide additional support, taking some of the weight off of tired legs or feet, allowing them to rest.

These are only some of the ways to enhance your experience using a standing desk. For additional ways to get the most out your standing desk, read our other blog post, “How to eliminate leg soreness and fatigue with a standing desk?”.